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The environmental challenges we face today are significant, and we are responding with urgency and dedication. We approach our work by focusing on fundamental questions. What matters most? And where can we make the greatest impact? These questions guide our work and inform our goals in how we can best achieve change. We know we’re not alone in working to reduce our environmental footprint. So we’re engaging with manufacturers, recyclers, OEMs to support our efforts and find opportunities to lift local communities along the way to promote sustainability and circular economy.

Cozywalks Zero Waste Initiative

Sending materials to landfill makes poor use of the world’s resources, while also contributing to global emissions. And the most vulnerable communities around the world are disproportionately exposed to the negative consequences of waste disposal especially our country. This is why we’ve made waste free or biodegradable materials a priority. We’re working to send nothing to landfill from our product. Currently we are trying to establish the supply chain and innovative materials ecosystem in India.


Using recycled materials to lower our product CO2 footprint.

Material selection is another way to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. Our strategy is to transition to materials manufactured using low-carbon energy and recycled content. We’ve prioritized materials and components that make up a large part of our carbon footprint to move us closer to our goal of product carbon neutrality and India's goal of Net Zero 2030.

We thus aim to make durable, long-lasting shoes and packaging using only recycled or eco-friendly materials, and enhance material recovery. At the same time, we’re committed to reduce water pollution and sending zero waste to landfill using organic and biodegradable materials.

Improving material and manufacturing efficiency

Less means more when it comes to our approach to materials and how we process them. By reducing the amount of materials used to make our products, we reduce the emissions from transporting and processing these materials, and limit the amount of scrap generated along the way. And as we progress toward India's 2030 carbon neutrality goal, we continue to investigate new materials and new ways to manufacture efficiently.

Smarter Chemistry

Through materials innovation and world-class materials testing (ASTM), we designed our products to be safe for anyone who assembles, uses, or recycles them — and to be better for the

Sourcing & Supply Chain

We aim to have our products be part of thriving, responsible, circular supply chains — where finite material extraction is replaced by continual recycling and reuse. We’re increasingly sourcing more of the materials we use from circular supply chains drawn from recycled content and renewable resources.

Our goal is to one day make products using only responsibly sourced, recycled and renewable materials. We aim to build durable, long-lasting products that make the best use of the resources
required to make them. And, in collaboration with leading manufacturers & recyclers, we’re developing, manufacturing & recycling strategies of the future. Through these engagements, we can support research and take on industry-wide challenges.

Product Longevity

We believe long-lasting products are best for the environment. We also believe products that minimize the need for repair or replacement encourage our customers to come back to Cozywalks. We designed our shoes with this goal in mind. A product designed for longevity will hold its value longer, benefiting our customers, the circular interchangeable design of the product ensures this and replace the part with different color or component they feel is best for them or due to wear & tear, should they need it. Our product is an innovation in itself made unlike any other shoes in the market with zero adhesives and the close tolerances maintained in the design will ensure the product to be used as any other conventional shoe without affecting the usage or life of the product.